Nothing more, nothing less

After becoming members of the Soil Association in 1998 and achieving Organic Status in 2000, they began to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, creating a new orchard together with a number of soft fruit bushes. On fifty acres of beautiful, valley farm land they grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs, selected for best flavour, all from seed, all using traditional, low intensity farming methods.  They farm with a firm belief that organic foods are often more nutritious, richer in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, and that food should remain pure. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether you want to buy organic for a more healthy lifestyle or to contribute towards a greener society, nothing can compare with the taste and goodness of organically grown fruit and vegetables that have been freshly picked that day.

Our little restaurant has a big history.

The building dates from 1622, making it one of the oldest in Bath. Back then, North Parade Passage was called Lilliput Alley and Lilliput Court, opposite, is at the level of the area when it was an orchard farmed by the Abbey monks. In 1719 Ralph Allen moved here and began revolutionising the postal delivery system. Within a few years he was administering the whole nation’s post from this building.

With the help of John Wood, Ralph Allen extended this house and modernized it in the classical style. The front wall, originally rubble stone like our neighbours, was refronted with the flat carved stone that you see today. From our dining room window you can enjoy a fabulous view of Ralph Allen’s Town House, also built around 1727. The ornate carving was designed as a spectacular advertisement for the quality of Bath Stone!